Pathway Arts

Who are we?


Who are we? is a long term multi-arts project aimed to tackle community cohesion in Wigan, one of the UK’s major ‘dispersal’ towns

Wigan is one of the UK’s ‘dispersal’ towns; areas that the UK government has identified as cost effective places to disperse people who arrive in the UK seeking asylum.

Being dispersed to Wigan can be an isolating experience. Transport links to neighbouring cities are expensive, and people seeking asylum are generally unwelcomed by the local community who are feeling the effects of the low socio-economic status of the borough.

Many refugees and people seeking asylum in the area feel isolated and alienated, and access to local support services is limited.

Who are we? is a long term project with the aim to tackle these issues. Through a series of workshops around the Wigan borough, Pathway Arts are working with local communities to deliver multi-arts projects designed to improve community cohesion and provide invaluable support to those seeking asylum in the area.

This project has collaboration at its core. We are working closely with local residents, community spaces, private venues and local authorities to host workshops and creative initiatives that directly engage local communities. We are also working with community spaces and arts venues to upskill them in working with refugees and people seeking asylum.

Look out for future posts on the blog where we’ll be sharing stories from the project as it develops.