Pathway Arts

Refugee Week


A weeklong celebration of different cultures, ideas and experiences

The asylum process in the UK is lengthy and complicated. After fleeing persecution, war and destruction in their home countries, individuals who are seeking asylum undertake treacherous journeys to arrive in a place where they know no-one.

Despite the above, hostility towards refugees in the media and across communities can still be high.

To counteract this, Refugee Week exists as a celebration of everything the refugee community contributes to society, whilst defending the importance of sanctuary for individuals arriving in the UK.

Pathway Arts has been involved in Refugee Week for the last three years, connecting with arts organisations across the UK to deliver creative initiatives that celebrate different cultures and experiences.

Over the last few years we have delivered a series of projects, including a group show responding to the theme ‘show us love’ and a large, open-door event where participants were invited to come together to share food and creative endeavours which included singing, dancing, circus tricks and spoken word.