Pathway Arts

Not Fake News


Reimagining the news to combat negative and biased reporting on refugees

The phenomenon of ‘fake news’ is ever more present when it comes to media reporting on refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. When reporting on immigration, negative and emotive language is often used, and statistics are presented without context to invoke fear in the reader. This can result in the spread of misinformation and heightened tensions between refugee and local communities.

In 2017, Pathway Arts was approached by Immigration Lab at the University of Manchester to collaborate on a project that would counteract this issue.

Together with journalists and academics, Pathway Arts facilitated a one-day workshop putting refugees and people seeking asylum at the heart of reporting. Writers teamed up with members of the refugee-led advocacy group LARA to hear about lived experience as a refugee in the UK. The writers then worked with editors in the Immigration Lab to pull together a newspaper filled with authentic stories about refugee communities and the asylum seeker process.

This one-day workshop resulted in the creation of a unique newspaper that was printed and distributed across Manchester. 

This project is a unique model where journalists connect directly with, and learn from refugees and people seeking asylum to represent authentic stories about the experience of a refugee or person seeking asylum in the UK.

Below is the link to the full newspaper: