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Pathway Arts currently facilitate two refugee-led advocacy groups which take place monthly in Manchester and Liverpool

Policy decisions on the UK asylum process are often made without consultation with those that they directly affect – the individuals seeking asylum in the UK.

By facilitating two refugee-led advocacy groups, we provide a vital platform for refugees so they are able to share their lived experience, voice their concerns and opinions, and directly influence policy decisions made on the UK Asylum process.

Pathway currently facilitates two active advocacy groups: Liverpool Asylum and Refugee Association in Liverpool and United For Change in Manchester.

Both groups are refugee-led and are free and open to all. The groups meet on a monthly basis in Manchester and Liverpool, and the agenda of the meeting and any activity is owned and decided by the group.

As the groups are refugee-led, those attending are able to act as representatives for other people in the refugee community who may not be able to attend physical meetings. The meetings provide a supportive and safe space to talk about shared experience without fear.

The groups are hosted in English, but translators are organised for any non-English speakers. Currently around 10-20 refugees attend each month.

Pathway has been facilitating the two advocacy groups for since 2012.

During this time we have fostered important connections with support services, research centres and local authorities. The groups have taken place in research projects, and have directly inputted into the UK asylum process, including giving evidence to a select committee on housing issues, and working with the local police force to tackle hate crime in Liverpool.

In addition to facilitating the groups, Pathway have collaborated with local experts to provide free training to the groups on social media campaigning, fundwriting, mental health support, government policy and how the UK parliament works.

You can read more about each of the groups by visiting their websites:

Liverpool Asylum and Refugee Association (Liverpool)
United For Change (Manchester)

Alternatively, get in touch to find out more.