Pathway Arts

Visiting the home of a World War II refugee


In the Summer of 2016, Pathway Arts and LARA members went to the Kurt Schwitter’s¬†Merz Barn.

Kurt Schwitter was a refugee artist in the Second World War who sought sanctuary in Ambleside. The Merz Barn was the site of his final piece of art and now refugees are welcomed to stay and experience his home in the heart of the Lake District.

Most people who came on the trip had never been out of Liverpool or away from their families. Members loved the countryside, cooking and sharing food with one another. It was a very special place and everyone was sad to leave. We walked in the beautiful countryside around Ambleside, had BBQs, explored the Merz barn, heard about the history of the building and paddled in the river.

It was a great time for people to come together and talk about LARA and how members see the group moving forward in the next 12 months.

Participant’s responses to the trip:

It was nice to be in nature, enjoyed cooking together, loved the  weather, amazing views all around. Came to know people personally, good for building relationships in a group.

I felt really welcomed. It is such a wonderful place, the mind and body can relax. It has been great to think clearly without the rush of the rest of the world.

When I came to the Merz Barn I understood this is our destination for the future. Mr. Schwitter’s is the best motivational refugee for us.