Pathway Arts



Pathway Arts works in communities raising awareness of what it is like to seek asylum in the UK with people with lived experience.

Pathway Arts uses creativity to empower individuals and effect positive social change for people seeking asylum in the North West of England.

We work to improve understanding of the asylum process in order to build trust between those seeking asylum and the individuals within the communities in which refugees and asylum seekers are placed (often referred to as ‘dispersal’ towns). This could be in the form of exhibitions, informative displays or publications which tell authentic stories of individuals seeking asylum.

We also collaborate with refugees and asylum seekers on workshops and projects that utilise the creative process to empower individuals and improve wellbeing.

Alongside this work, Pathway Arts facilitate two asylum seeker-led advocacy groups: LARA in Liverpool, and United for Change in Manchester. These groups are made up of refugees from around the globe seeking to improve the rights and treatment of refugees in the UK, in turn giving a voice to people who are often ‘voiceless’.

Pathway Arts C.I.C
Company number: 9626479